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Move over Anika and Cookie. Fuck Andre- I like how he had the girl bent over, yes lawd.

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Kill Hakeem- disrespecting his mother and turning around n fugging Naomi Campbell while calling her mama? Feb 6, 7. Screw Andre marry lucius kill hakeem and his lips. Feb 6, 8. Just came to say I would fuck the shit out of Andre, crazy people always have bomb dick. Feb 6, 9. KILL Hakeem!

He annoys the hell outta me every time I see his annoying face try to "act, and rap" He's like the male version of lil Magic from In living color! So the guy that hired him, did he lose a bet or some sh yt? Feb 6, Marry jamal One more time bang bang bang bang Screw anika.

Fuck, Marry, Kill - Generator, Examples & Rules

Screw Andre Marry Jamal Kill hakeem. Hell throw Hakeem in there too. Fuck Andre. View attachment Kill Hakeem. I don't care if he's crazy. He can give me that zaddy zick all day, everyday. Andre is fine as hell.

Fuck, Marry, Kill

Him, Jamal, and Dora can get it in a four way. Screw - Andre's gullible ass to rub in the face of his white wife. Try to take him and dump him. Kill - Jamal's whiny punk ass.

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Out her beating up Hakeem for no reason. Push him out of the window and run over him with my car for that stupid song about not needing his father's money.


As if anyone wants to play shit with those lyrics. Marry - Luscious. He's about to die. I'd get that will changed to leave lots of shyt to me.

Besides, I'm sure there are perks to being Lucious and Cookie's daughter-in-law. Kill Andre, before he kills me Other than that, you know the rules: you must select one contestant to fuck, one to marry, and one to eliminate.

Sweeping generalizations and unicorns

The case for fuck: If you're trying to get pregnant, he's your guy. The father of eight children, he's nothing if not good at sperm.

And if you squint a little, he looks sort of like Jerry Seinfeld. That's sexy, right? Kind of? The case for marry: The man's got some terrible political views, so talking politics with him would be a total drag. Plus, he's religious, so he'd constantly drag you to church. But if it's fidelity and devotion to family you're after, Rick Santorum delivers. Just don't be surprised when he expects you to quit your job so you can home school the kids and yells at you for buying little Rick Jr.

The case for kill: He's a hateful, dangerous zealot brimming with sexual hang ups and desperately fighting to eliminate women's and gay rights, and he's in a political position of power. Verdict: Kill. The case for fuck: If his stories are to believed, he's had a lot of practice.

But, in my experience, men who have women throwing themselves at them don't try as hard. Why should they? If you don't like it, there's a line of women out the door who just can't wait for some fucking mediocrity. Hatesex can be fun! The case for marry: Tucker Max has no documented history of violence against women. And he's smart — a graduate of the University of Chicago and Duke Law. At the very least, you might be able to have some interesting smart people conversations without worrying that your life is in danger.

But can you endure a lifetime of jokes about fat chicks and sluts that are sort of like Dane Cook turned up to 11? The case for kill: He's made a fortune telling young, stupid people that being a drunken, rude mess is hilarious.