Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons

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The five letters which I have the honor to present were written to Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society of London, in , when Franklin was Minister to the Court of France and, with the collateral documents, they give perhaps the most complete and accurate account of the beginning of aerial navigation, enlivened with the humor and speculation characteristic of the writer. It is certainly remarkable that Franklin, in the midst of diplomatic and social duties, could have found time to investigate personally this new invention of which he at once appreciated the possibilities.

Williamson, of Grandview-on-the-Hudson, to whom they had come from Vienna.

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Drafts of three of the letters are deposited in the University of Pennsylvania, but the existence of one letter and the whereabouts of another were unknown to the late Mr. Although the American owners of these copies did not allow them to be transcribed, Mr. Smyth states that he printed one letter from my copy, and he noted how the other copies differed from the drafts in the University of Pennsylvania. In general it may be said that, whereas Bigelow gives the text without paragraphs, capital letters or the old spelling, 2 Smyth follows the originals more closely.

In view of the historic and scientific interest of these letters, they are now printed exactly according to the press-copies. The letter dated November 30, appears never to have been printed and whereas Smyth reproduced the letter of November 21 from the University of Pennsylvania draft, this or another draft or possibly this copy was in the possession of the French aeronaut, Gaston Tissandier, about On Wednesday, the 27th Instant the new aerostatic Experiment, invented by Messrs.

Montgolfier, of Annonay, was repeated by M. Charles, Professor of experimental Philosophy at Paris. The Parts were sewed together while wet with the Gum, and some of it was afterwards passed over the Seams, to render it as tight as possible.

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In , the "Royal Vauxhall" balloon which was used as a pleasure balloon in Vauxhall Gardens was flown by Charles Green with two crew; after 18 hours it came down safely at Weilburg in the German Duchy of Nassau, setting a record unbeaten until The parachute failed to open properly and Cocking was killed. The first military use of aircraft in Europe took place during the French Revolutionary Wars , when the French used a tethered hydrogen balloon to observe the movements of the Austrian army during the Battle of Fleurus In Franz Leppich went to Napoleon and claimed that he could build a hydrogen balloon that would enable the French to attack from the air.

Napoleon forbade Leppich further experiments and subsequently ordered that he be removed from French territory. In the Russian secret service got Leppich a passport with the name Schmidt, and he went to Moscow to work under the supervision of Count Rostopchin with the aim of building a dirigible airship to help the Russian army halt Napoleon's invasion. A heavily guarded, high-walled shipyard was secretly set up near Moscow with about 50 other German-speaking mechanics, and Leppich started to build airship prototypes.

Leppich's huge inflatable blimp was sewn from thick fabric, attached to a meter wooden platform ringed with gun mounts and compartments for bombs. Its locomotion was to be provided by forty rowers with giant paddles. When the dirigible was finally tried out, it worked but was unable to move against the wind. Petersburg, and then he left for Germany again.

There he worked on the device until , though it was never used. In he received a patent in his and his brother's name in Vienna for making nails with a punch.

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Tolstoy also includes a letter from the sovereign Emperor Alexander I to Count Rostopchin concerning the balloon. Hot air balloons were employed during the American Civil War. Thaddeus S.

Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons

Lowe were limp silk envelopes inflated with coal gas town gas or hydrogen. During World War II, a large number of barrage balloons were inflated over the city of London in an effort to obstruct Luftwaffe air attacks during the Battle of Britain. Whatever their effectiveness, they were a cheap defense but did not stop heavy damage inflicted on Londoners during the Blitz , probably because the Heinkel He bombers flew too high.

Nonetheless, some V-1 flying bombs were destroyed. In the early and midth century, hydrogen balloons were used extensively in upper-atmosphere research in such projects as Osoaviakhim-1 , the Stratobowl launches, Project Manhigh , and Project Strato-Lab. A series of ascensions set a number of high-altitude records before space flight eclipsed ballooning as an endeavor. Although manned high-altitude balloon ascensions are still undertaken, they are more likely to be the work of adventurers than researchers. Modern hot air balloons, with a more sophisticated onboard heat source than the Montgolfier brothers' basket of hot coals, were pioneered beginning in the s by Ed Yost , who had his first successful flight on October 22, Today, hot air balloons are used primarily for recreation, and there are some 7, hot air balloons operating in the United States.

One balloon crashed to the ground, killing 13 people.

Ben Franklin's Balloons

On 12 September , three gas balloons participating in the Gordon Bennett Cup entered Belarusian air space. Despite the fact that competition organizers had informed the Belarusian Government about the race in May and that flight plans had been filed, a Mil MiB attack helicopter of the Belarusian Air Force shot down one balloon, [48] [49] killing two American citizens, Alan Fraenckel and John Stuart-Jervis.

The crews of the two balloons were fined for entering Belarus without a visa and released. Belarus has neither apologized nor offered compensation for the deaths. On 11 August , a hot air balloon burned and crashed in British Columbia when a fuel line became dislodged from a propane tank, killing two passengers; the Transportation Safety Board of Canada subsequently ruled that fuel tanks should have automatic shutoff valves.

On 1 January , a hot air balloon crashed in Westfield , Somerset , United Kingdom, killing both people on board. On 7 January , a scenic hot air balloon flight from Carterton, New Zealand , touched a power line, caught fire, and crashed just north of the town, killing all eleven people on board. On 23 August in Slovenia, a hot air balloon crash-landed due to a thunderstorm, killing 6 and injuring the other 26 people on board. On 26 February the deadliest ballooning accident in history occurred when a hot air balloon exploded and crashed near Luxor , Egypt.

The crash killed 19 of the 21 people on board. On 30 July , a hot air balloon carrying 16 people caught fire and crashed near Lockhart, Texas. There were no survivors.

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