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Though he manages to clear himself, Rhodes subsequently takes a closer look at the reporter's other targets for corruption investigations when one of the sources for the original story dies mysteriously in a fire. A Publishers Weekly reviewer found that "Crider's easy prose fits the setting to a tee," and manages to capture "the smalltown schemes, quirks and characters to true and amusing life. Crider chose a different setting for his series featuring Carl Burns, an English professor in a small Texas college.

The cast of characters includes a feminist dean and a new member of the faculty, Dr. Eric Holt.

Bill Crider

When Professor Tom Henderson falls to his death from a window, the wives of Burns's fellow instructors, Fox and Tomlin, are accused by his widow of fooling around with her now-dead husband. Burns aids the police chief in the investigation and is helped by an attractive librarian. A Publishers Weekly reviewer remarked that the plot "is laced with pleasant, dry humor," but felt … A Dangerous Thing "fails to gather itself into a memorable whole. Burns returns to action in the title Dead Soldiers , in which Burns is asked to find some missing toy lead soldiers.

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As the request comes from the dean of the college, Burns figures he should comply, but before he can begin his investigation, a member of the faculty is found dead of a gunshot wound, and one of the missing toy soldiers has been left at the scene of the crime. Thereafter, Burns must team up with the local police chief and also his main competition for the affections of the local librarian in this "unerringly enjoyable" contribution to the series, according to Booklist contributor Lukowsky.

She becomes involved in the investigation when a male professor who had painted a nude of one of his students is found murdered. The student's husband is the chief suspect, but then the student is also found dead. A missing valuable painting figures in the plot, and Sally teams up with colleague Jack Neville, a Buddy Holly fan, in solving the murders. A Publishers Weekly reviewer noted that the couple's "sleuthings provide modest fun, while the novel's ending offers an unexpected tinge of sadness.

With A Knife in the Back , Sally comes to the aid of Jack Neville, who is being questioned by police in the case of the murder of a college trustee. Sally soon finds that said trustee had been seeing another member of the English department, Mae Wilkins, who in turn had been two-timing him with another member of the faculty. These complicated love lives of academics finally stir up the real killer in this "pleasant read for cozy fans," as Booklist contributor Sue O'Brien described the book.

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Sally has reasons for wanting the miserable man out of the way, for he was trying to get her fired. A Publishers Weekly reviewer complained that the real murderer turns out to be a character introduced late to the plot, thus spoiling the effect for those who like to try and match wits with the writer, but that otherwise A Bond with Death is an "amusing, well-written and inventive tale. Crider has coauthored two mystery novels with Willard Scott, who is best known as a weatherman on television's Today show.

The books feature Stanley Waters, a retired weatherman who has opened a bed-and-breakfast in rural Higgins, Virginia.

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In Murder under Blue Skies , Waters is celebrating the inn's grand opening when a guest drops dead. A bowl of poisoned salsa appears to be the cause. Local police chief Marilyn Tunney is an old high school flame of Waters', and he sets out on the trail of the murderer with her. A Publishers Weekly reviewer wrote that Crider's hand "is evident in the hometown atmosphere that surrounds Stanley and makes this slow-paced jaunt read like a story told from a front-porch rocker.

The second book with Scott, Murder in the Mist: A Stanley Waters Mystery , finds Stanley participating in a reenactment of the fictional Battle of Higgins when a bullet grazes him and then kills businessman Rance Wofford. In addition to his westerns and mysteries, Crider has written several juvenile books, including a series featuring Mike Gonzo. In Mike Gonzo and the Sewer Monster , the main character has encounters with invisible men, space aliens, and sewer monsters. This last book won the Golden Duck Award for best juvenile science-fiction novel of Crider once told CA: "I've been reading mystery novels almost since the time I learned to read, beginning with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and moving on to practically everything else in the field.

Ames was a young man in his early twenties, and he looked down at the floor as he spoke. And I needed me a light fixture. It was the Wal-Mart manager, Hal Keene, a nervous-looking man with a fringe of graying hair and a pot belly. He was carrying a pair of bolt cutters that he handed to Rhodes. You cut that chain and arrest that man.

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Rhodes took the bolt cutters, feeling vaguely guilty. Rhodes walked to the door handle and applied the cutters to a link of chain.

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He pressed down on the long handles and sheared through the chain. He looked around at the crowd. Rhodes started to unthread the chain from the door handles. Toggle navigation Vampire Novels. Advertising Download Read Online. Served Hot by Albert, Annabeth. The Doors Open by Michael Gilbert. There is a really deep humanity and decency to Lenox that is probably not typical for someone of his class and time that makes his adventures a pleasure to read.

Tuesday marked my tenth official day alone at the library, but the heady draw of being my own boss had worn off.

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The Daisy Dalrymple mysteries begin in England. Daisy has noble blood, but foregoes that life to be a journalist for a magazine. Death At Wentwater Court 2. The Winter Garden Mystery 3. Requiem For A Mezzo 4. Murder On The Flying Scotsman 5. Damsel In Distress 6. Dead In The Water 7.

Styx And Stones 8. Rattle His Bones 9.