Cinderella is the Belle of the Ball (An Erotic Fairy Tale) (Angel Fairy Tales)

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This is not a comprehensive list by any means. I am just one person slightly obsessed with fairy tales who jots down book titles whenever they sound like a fairy tale inspired them. The books are sorted by fairy tale and I included a link to wikipedia in case you want to find out more about the original s. Like Like. This is the best article ever! I love it so much.

You did an amazing job. You totally saved me. I am a huge fan of fairy tale retelling and every website I go on to get this genre of books has the same things over and over again.

You gave me lots of options. Tell me all the fairy tale retellings.

  • Fairy Tale Retellings – SFF Book Reviews;
  • The Brothers Grimm.
  • Karl der Große: Gewalt und Glaube (German Edition).

I left out pretty much the entire erotica genre and there are plenty of fairy tale retellings there, if you want them. Thank you so much for writing this!! I have been on a fairytale-retelling kick lately and I found a few more titles to get!

Along your research, did you find it was hard to track down more adult fairytale books? I find its so hard to find similar books! Fairy tale retellings for adults are usually not holding back on the actual, dark aspects of the original fairy tales. No sugarcoating. Yes, I agree! I prefer the no sugarcoating! I am also in my late-twenties and the one thing that annoys me with some YA books is the romance immaturity regarding relationships haha. I do understand its for teens, but…still! I will never read Twilight.

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There is The Brides of Rollrock Island also published as Sea Hearts which is not a specific fairy tale retold, but there are selkies. About it, People either love or hate it! If you have read it, what other books would you say are similar? Books that are this over-hyped are usually disappointments. But for now, I have enough great books to read. My TBR is crushing me as it is. I was looking for a few recomendations for some more reimagined fairytales and this upsets me. I am a very avid fairytale reader and some of the books that you said were awful, myself and many others have thoroughly enjoyed.

A way you could improve this site is by admitting that even though you may not like a book, others might have loved it, and vice versa. Hi and thanks for your comment. This is a personal blog, so all opinions stated here are my own. But you can still like that book and recommend it to people. Love the list! They are YA and some people might find them lightweight, but I loved the world building. She has a few short stories in the series as well. Thank you!

Fairy Tale

I just added both books to the mixed fairy tales list. The description sounds like there are several fairy tale characters coming together in these stories. Also, lightweight is totally okay. You have the wrong Low Red Moon on here.

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Holy hell this is comprehensive! And perfect timing as my reading plan for December is dark retellings month! Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Altogether, an enjoyable read with only a few boring moments. A recommended page-turner. The series becomes even more fun as it continues.

Cinderella is a thick-headed naive girl who comes of age through her adventure involving diamond slippers, a mouse, and Robin Hood. Even with that said, the novella still has things in store to surprise you. I fell head over heels in love with these three retellings. Just… go read them. Putting them in the middle of a fairy tale with a fairy godmother as their adversary, talking animals, a stepsister and a ball, hilarity is guaranteed. Do not miss it!

Modern Fiction

Alethea Kontis — Enchanted This was such a charming and endearing read. I hope Alethea Kontis will write many, many more books of this kind. I particularly liked Prince Rumbold having a proper backstory and not just being a pretty prince. You see the story from his perspective as well which makes it a billion times better. It is filled with emotion, the characters are vibrant, the descriptions beautiful. I was utterly taken with the tale, especially the twist ending.

Malinda Lo — Ash This book was just not for me. To me, this was a standalone, original fairy story without much substance or plot. Thinking back on it, all I come up with is: meh!

Rosamund Hodge — Gilded Ashes Cinderella with a great twist right at the beginning. It just so happens that, in addition to falling for the duke, she learns to love her stepsisters and sees her family in an entirely new light. Surprisingly wonderful novella companion to Cruel Beauty! Kazimer — Curses! It is boring and sexist and while the mermaids are updated with a clever twist, not a single character was interesting or felt alive.

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Those mermaid mini-chapters would have made an excellent book. It is stock full of food porn, gorgeous mermaid mythology and just the right amount of darkness. I loved it from beginning to end and have since bought two more stories by Octavia Cade.

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Huang — The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist read in An absolutely devastating flipped retelling in which a human woman wishes to become a mermaid well, aragati and sacrifices so much to achieve that goal. Jim C. Cinder meets the wonderful and enigmatic Captain Thorne and their bickering alone makes the novel worthwile, despite its flaws when it comes to style and world-building. Three generations of women come together to tell a dark tale of secrets within secrets.

It revisits well-known tales and shows them for what they really are. I loved this for its atmosphere and complex characters in complicated relationships. It had great mythology, questions of right and wrong, guilt and redemption, and went a lot easier on the insta-love. Very well done.