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The flourishing cybercrime-as-a-service business model is continuously providing criminals with access to a large number of cybercrime techniques. Skip to main content.

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It can be installed by another piece of malware. It gives almost total control to the attacker, who can perform a wide range of actions, including: monitoring actions executing commands sending files and documents back to the attacker logging keystrokes taking screen shots A botnet short for robot network is made up of computers communicating with each other over the internet. A command and control centre uses them to send spam, mount distributed denial-of-service DDoS attacks and commit other crimes.

A file infector infects executable files such as.

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Ransomware stops users from accessing their devices and demands that they pay a ransom through certain online payment methods to regain access. A variant, police ransomware, uses law enforcement symbols to lend authority to the ransom message. A rootkit is a collection of programmes that enable administrator-level access to a computer or computer network, thus allowing the attacker to gain root or privileged access to the computer and possibly other machines on the same network. A worm replicates itself over a computer network and performs malicious actions without guidance.

Number of items found: How-to guide. Cyber crime is a global threat. The Netherlands is working with other countries and international organisations on laws, conventions and other measures to stop cyber crime. Cyber crime can only be prevented with appropriate transnational measures.

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Worldwide, much has already been achieved by both governments and the private sector e. The Dutch government wants to strengthen the joint international approach, for example by:.

Countries help each other detect internet crime 24 hours a day. The Netherlands is calling for an international study of the nature and extent of cyber crime, the perpetrators and their working methods, for example by making agreements on an international study agenda.

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The EU is currently looking at which countries are willing to take part. The Netherlands is also seeking to improve international contacts. The Dutch police and the Public Prosecution Service are working more closely with other EU countries through the exchange of experts and information on cases and working methods.