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The silly gimmick was only marginally less tiresome when spoofed in Billy the Kid vs Dracula Night of the Ghouls, which opens with TV prophet Criswell arising from his coffin to warn of monsters who are to be pitied and monsters who are to be despised, is as inept as anything Wood ever made. A fake medium Duncan , aided by an equally fake spirit Hansen and a huge monster Johnson , goes about his business of conning people into believing he can contact their dead. Accidentally, however, he resusciates some corpses and is buried alive by the ghoulish zombies while the beatnik Vampira gleefully cavorts as apparently a real spirit.

The main problem is the script which has difficulty transposing the Christian European vampire myth to Japan, even though there are many bloodsucking creatures in traditional Japanses ghost stories.


Nakagawa had tried his hand at European style horror before, with his Kyuketsuki Ga - in which a vampire turns into a moth instead of a bat - but here he opts for a truly chaotic pot-pourri. Niwako Mihara , the descendant of a year-old Christian family and the wife of an atomic scientist, is kidnapped by a vampire Amachi and taken to his underground castle. Set in British East India company territory in the s, the film has Rolfe as the officer who discovers the Thuggee cult dedicated to robbing and strangling fellow Indians not devoted to Kali-worship. In the face of the utter indifference of a snobbish fellow officer Cuthbertson , Rolfe resigns and pursues his detection activities, escaping execution twice and ultimately eliminating the local adepts after they have wiped out a rich caravan and the English soldiers guarding it.

Fisher takes the opportunity to stage some of his nastiest scenes as the sect mutilates and kills two of its renegade members, including his second cutting out of the tongue scene that year the first one was in the opening sequence of The Mummy. Whereas other members of the cast play fanatics of one sort or another, she manages to convey the passionate excitement that can accompany the twisted but liberating explosion of revenge after decades of poverty and repression.

The story is a variation on H. Lederer captures a tiger and, after some operations, changes it into something resembling a man Carlos , to the dismay of Mrs Girard, played by the improbably opulent Thyssen. She then gravitates towards Derr but is kidnapped by the monster. Lederer, fresh from the unfortunate The Return of Dracula , easily outplays his fellow performers. One was the chance to revisit the nihilistic tramp of Boudu Same des Eaux and explore the joyous anarchy which comes when the bonds of conventional morality are loosed.

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The other was to give Barrault a role which would offer full scope to his talents as actor and mime. Prancing, twitching, moving with the animal grace of a dancer, Barrault is magnificent, creating an extraordinary chimera whose intrusion into the Paris streets lends them an unsettling air of menace. Summoned by a man Coolidge to treat his sick wife Evelyn , Price realizes that she, being deaf-and-dumb and therefore unable to scream, is the perfect subject for his experiments.

He indeed finds a tingler - a scaly, scuttling organism which grips the nerves and for once offers a credibly shuddery movie monster - but it escapes and sows screaming panic in the cinema. His promotional gimmicks, much d wanders free through the night, her nly by the dogs at her feet and the dove on p Jules Borkon Jean Redon, The s The Sixties The Horror Film Goes International If the horror film had been revived in the fifties, in the sixties it flourished.

In America, Roger Corman began his series of adaptations of the works of Edgar Allan Poe with the magnificent House of Usher , while films like Onibaba and Kwaidan both revealed to the West the violent Japanese horror tradition. More significant were the sex-vampire films, first brought to the screen by Jean Rollin in with Le Viol du Vampire. These trends notwithstanding, the decade is best summed up by four film-makers, Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanksi, Michael Powell and George Romero, whose work both defined the horror film in the sixties and pointed to the future.

Essentially a misogynistic love story riddled with horror imagery as the level-headed male reveals the successful authoress to be a frightened little girl, the film failed at the box office because it was overshadowed by the equally inane Das Spukschloss im Spessart , released at the same time. A great deal of footage of people wandering through dark forests pads out a badly acted and directed movie which verges on sexploitation.

The ghost also Renard's novel.

In , however, he only made two to enable him to concentrate on this film - the pivotal work of his career - which summarizes his moral-religious philosophy. Set in a theological faculty of a university, the plot focuses on two characters, the quiet but indecisive Shiro Amachi and the mephistophelean Tamura world of the living and that of the dead and thus, like the Japanese notion of karma, binding the two inextricably together. There, the moral implications of certain actions were returned to the perpetrator in the shape of ghosts, thereby avoiding the simplistic split between here and a nightmarish hereafter.

Haryasu Kurosawa, the designer of the previous film, also provided the at times abstract setting for Jigoku.

Particularly noteworthy are the poetic designs for the shores of the river of death while other effects are primarily achieved through eerie lighting and use of colour filters to bathe isolated bits of action marked off from a black or monochrome background. Ferroni became better known as Calvin Jackson Padget, director of Italian westerns. Carbone plays a gangster who plans to help the loyalist cause after a revolution in a certain Caribbean island.

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As a cover for his shady plans, which involve getting rid III! More of a fantasy than a horror movie perhaps, the film does make darkly minatory use of its dream sequences the mermaid nightmarishly metamorphozing into of scientific experiment, is superior routine. It tells of a black cat, the only witness to the killing of its mistress Lacey by her husband Morell and two servants Jackson and Crawford. The cat, a vengeful presence Studios with excellent art direction by Bernard Robinson and moody photography by Grant.

The picture also boasts a good score by Mikis Theodorakis in his pr e-Zorba the Greek days.

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Ernie Broughton Connor , a proofreader of horror stories, and Syd James become involved in an old-dark-house adventure which decimates the Broughton family. All the horror-thriller cliches are passed in revue: the sinister visitor Pleasance , a mad family living in a place called Blackshaw Towers on the Yorkshire Moors, a club-footed butler Gough , a masked killer and plenty of thunderstorms and fog.

With the exception of the brief guest appearance of Adam Faith, Jackson - a veteran from the British documentary school - skilfully keeps the movie finely balanced between crazy comedy and horror with witty camera angles and judicious cutting. Song is arrested but on his release, his face is badly scarred in an acid attack by an angry official. Unable to act and reluctant to see his lover again. Song secludes himself in the disused wing of an old theatre and spreads the news that he has died.

People believe him to be a ghost, but years later he is befriended by a young actor whom he helps and uses as a messenger to contact Li again. Song finally avenges himself on the official who maimed him but he is drowned during the struggle. They made a number of martial arts films which proved to be unsuccessful and the company failed.

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Le Di committed suicide in at the age of Preparing to bid Caligari a grateful farewell as she leaves the next morning but shocked by the suggestive postcards he shows her, she finds herself drugged and held prisoner. Nightmarish experiences follow as she is spied on by Caligari in her bath, almost stabs a handsome man she thinks is the voyeur, witnesses a brutal murder, is terrorized by a huge dog, and on the advice of the handsome man, accuses Caligari of impotence while flaunting her naked body before him. Under the influence of cumulative shocks, she eventually realizes that the handsome man is Caligari, that she is suffering from sexual repression, and that she is under treatment in a mental home.

The result is perversely fascinating. There, haunted by strange hallucinations involving a man with a dead face Harvey , feeling cut off from the world and thought crazy by the people she meets, she feels drawn to a derelict amusement park where the man of her hallucination escorts her into a dance of the dead in the ballroom. Meanwhile, police back at the scene of the accident find her corpse. The film is a real curiosity with strikingly used locations, in particular the derelict amusement park isolated among mudflats, its machinery rusting and its vast ballroom still hung with dusty streamers.

The pity of it is that Luen. This format is only feasible if carried by an established comedy team with its own following and able to play with the disjointed gags and genre conventions and is best suited to television, as shown by the success of The Munsters teleseries. He, his wife Anders and a couple of friends are subjected to a flurry of mysterious happenings which culminate in the discovery of a seemingly decapitated body.

These turn out to have been perpetrated by a family of freaks, hiding in the dungeons and resorting to old tricks in a desperate attempt to avoid being thrown out of their home following the sudden death of the showman. Although the title is borrowed from a Poe poem, the script is adapted from H. Surprised by the hostility which greets his arrival and by the strangely deformed people to be seen in the village.

There is real menace, too, in a scene where the mutants converge on Price and Paget in the village square in an attempt to frighten them away. As with Paranoiac , he was saddled with a mechanical Sangster script in which people attempt to drive a woman insane. The scheme succeeds and Linden is sent to the asylum, but then Redmond falls prey to similar hallucinations and she and Knight start fighting.

Glucksmanco-s Bill Richmond c W. The denizens are all rather eccentric, and include the twins Casper and Jasper Bull , one in his coffin and the other expecting to die any Barrymore in the service of a bloodthirsty goddess resuscitates an army of Roman soldiers and launches the zombie horde in a bid for world power. Vari was never more than a routine director and editor of second-rate box-office fodder, but with the right collaborators, his movies occasionally contained impressive sequences, as in the first half of this effort, released in and scripted from an outline furnished by the producers.

At least five people helped out with the direction Francis Coppola, Monte Heilman, Jack Hill, Dennis Jacob and Nicholson without giving the film any more than the usual low-budget quota of rough edges; and since the script was evidently more or less Twice T old T ales admiral pictures 1 19min This omnibus film features three stories from Nathaniel Hawthorne, although only the first is from the collection Twice Told Tales.

Kent c Ellis W. The sloppily constructed plot is set in and tells of Sir Richard Fordyce Turner who returns to his castle under suspicion of rape, murder and witchcraft. The first, Panico, tells of a man Cordero who conspires with his lover Montesco to terrorize his wife Welter to death.

Montesco eventually turns on her lover and kills him before falling to her death, leaving Welter the triumphant survivor. The second story, Miedo Supremo, has a doctor de Hoyos visit a cemetery where he witnesses a burial and accidentally gets locked into a crypt. Eerie noises and wailing alert him to the fact that the recent burial victim had been interred prematurely while suffering an epileptic fit.

He frees her but the experience has unhinged her mind and he is forced to strangle her in self-defence.

Much more than documents.

He then puts her back into the coffin and in the morning, liberated from the crypt, he leaves, secure in the knowledge that nobody will ever find out that he committed a murder. With this film Obon reveals himself to be a capable director, enjoying the creation of sinisterly gothic atmospheres and injecting the proceedings with a macabre sense of humour sorely lacking in most Mexican horror pictures. The film was released in Count Ludwig von Kamstein Lee is worried about a curse on his family which says that the evil witch Sheena will eventually be reincarnated in one of his descendants.

Although it appears that his daughter, Laura Ambessi , is the witch, her friend Lyuba Quaglia is revealed to be the reincarnation. The crepuscular atmosphere with candlelit interiors, the obligatory crypt and, on stormy nights, a bell tolling in a ruined church, lack the bite of a genuinely perverse force while all attempts at eroticism are foiled by the bovine incomprehension of the participants. In spite of a catalogue of murders, the script and intensity of his imagery and heightens the defects in his scripts.

But this omnibus movie, although technically competent, is disappointing.

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Voodoo aka Three different stories are used to illustrate how people can h stray into evil ways. The first features a mortally wounded 77 61 min black boxer who fantasizes being hypnotized by his manager TV closeup to TV closeup with paralysing incompetence. Shonteff, an ex-television director, made the equally atrocious Devil Doll , also starring the less than exciting Halliday.

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Since Terence Fisher had been responsible for the commercial failure of The Phantom of the Opera , the Joyce, Donald Sutherland The Flesh Eaters vulcan productions 92 88 min This highly watchable piece of gory horror-comic fantasy has a group of travellers stranded on an island inhabited by a sinister marine biologist Kosleck , who has been cultivating tiny, glowing flesh-eating marine creatures. Eventually his electrical experiments produce two sea monsters. Notable hard-core director Radley Metzger was the editor. Inspector Doren Hoven investigates the death of some women near the caves that extend under the castle of the local vampire, Professor Adelsberg Preiss.

Here the ending of the novel was modified in order to keep the identity of the main character secret and prepare the way for the sequel, Neues vom Hexer , made by the same team.