Die Nacht des Greifen (German Edition)

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Der Ister. Jetzt komme, Feuer! Hier aber wollen wir bauen. Man nennet aber diesen den Ister. Aber wie? Aber allzugeduldig Scheint der mir, nicht Freier, und fast zu spotten. Come to us, fire!

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We are avid For sight of day, And when the ordeal Has passed through the knees, Woodsong is within hearing. But we sing, having come Far from the Indus And Alpheus, we have long sought Adequacy to fate, It takes wings to seize The nearest things Immediately And reach the other side. Let us settle here.

For the rivers make the land Arable. If there be vegetation And animals come to water At the banks in summer, Here men will also go. And they call this the Ister. Beautiful his dwelling. Leaves on columns Burn and quiver. They stand in the wild, Rising among each other; above which Surges a second mass, The roofing of rock. So it does not Surprise me he had Hercules as a guest, Far-shining, up from Olympos, Having left the Ishmos heat In search of shade, For though they had great fortitude In that place, spirits also need The cool.

He therefore chose To travel to these springs and yellow banks With their ascending fragrance and black With firs, and these valleys That hunters love to roam At noon, when you can hear the growing Of the resinous trees of the Ister.

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Which almost seems To run backwards and Strikes me must come From the East. Much could be said Of this. And why does he cling So steep to these hills?

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