Erotica in absentia

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The key thing about the book and its structure is all the little chimes and echoes between the parts.

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Part of the fun of reading it is spotting these, so if people read the Venice part again after reading the Varanasi part, it becomes a quite different experience — i. Why or why not? The author can neither confirm nor deny the identity of this operative.

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It was impossible to tell if the person in one part of a story was the same one in another part, a few pages later. Everyone was an avatar of everyone else. The sex in Venice is graphic and crude; as is life in Varanasi.

Housework is becoming an erotic cleansing

I had the distinct feeling while reading the ultraphysical sex scenes that you were setting up some sort of metaphysical or spiritual opposite to come; and yet Varanasi is entirely physical, and you link sexual fluids in the former to Ganges fluids in the latter not to mention the scatological. I like things that are funny and have a lot else in them besides that — ideas, for example. For me a great joke is an idea expressed in extremely concentrated form.

If so, can you or we spot the difference? Practically everyone I know now is from a middle- or upper-middle-class background, and I no longer have the huge chip on my shoulder that I carried around for so many years.

Geoff in London, Interview in Absentia

To anticipate your later questions, one of the things I love about America generally is that although there is of course a class system at work, there is not the class hatred, which is such an exhausting and enervating aspect of British life. Your books are so varied, and you seem to have devised a way to pursue your interests photography, jazz, D.

Lawrence, travel, tennis, etc.

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Should we be annoyed even as we enjoy your books? The only living here are deep-water shrimps, prawns and lobsters.

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In total darkness and during a violent pressure the most delicious Scandinavian delicacies are developed! At a desolate place by the North Sea a group of people are living.

In a parallel action plays out an erotic drama, which in essence is all about, what happens if we isolate ourselves. With Julie Maj Jacobsen's tight told dramatic opera, we question the Nordic unity. In blood-red acrylic, anger and ownership lurk beneath the recognizable scene of William Harford Tom Cruise and Alice Harford Nicole Kidman in a passionate kiss.

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The glossy magazine covers suggest the amorous underpinnings of fandom—the admiration, idolization, even obsession directed toward celebrity. Love sways precariously between life and death. For the digital age, lived love and performed love are often one and the same. Who is watching?

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Does it matter if anyone is watching? The artist and his girlfriend, during a long-distance phase of their relationship, communicated in a chatroom, saving their conversations to be performed later by hired actors. Many of these questions about love can also easily be asked of art. Brewer has amassed an assortment of loves, setting them in the theater of the gallery, where, faced with one contradiction after another, the spectator witnesses the breakdown of language.

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  6. In love, never as predictable as we hope it might be, reality passes into the uncanny, the lover mutates, and the self transforms.