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Descobri a Abrasco depois de 12 anos fora do Brasil e me senti orgulhoso de saber que pessoas que pensam estao por tras desta organizacao e artigo. Parabens e se precisarem de outras fontes de informacao podem me escrever. Espero que outros brasileiros que se importam com a saude e bem estar dos menos favorecidos leiam esta. E note que nao moramos perto de corregos, lixo, e outras ameacas a saude.

Como podem injetar aluminio, mercurio neurotoxicos e outros quimicos fortes a uma gestante ou a um bebe que nao tem agua limpa, banheiro limpo, comida limpa fora os alimentos que ja sao completamente banhados em pesticidas, herbicidas, fungicidas, etc?!

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Ora companheiros, acordem, essas empresas tem um unico objetivo para com seus acionistas e proprietarios: lucrar. Nao acreditem que eles querem o bem da humanidade e salvar vidas. Exelente trabalho. Excelente alerta. Sigamos no Caminho do Bem. Um melhor para os que trabalham no Bem. Excelente artigo! The ACE should be incorporated into the activities of the primary healthcare teams, participating in programing and planning, since the actual integration is in the process of work carried out every day 12 Libanio KR.

Chiaravalloti Neto et al. Cad Saude Publica ; 19 6 The proportions of interviewees stating that they have the health service as a source of information was significantly higher in the area with PSF. In both areas there were important changes in terms of gains of knowledge and reduction in the number of recipients.

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The results showed that the integration between the two programs is viable, represents an optimization of resources by avoiding duplication of visits and makes possible a great involvement of the community in the control of dengue. This refers to delineation of the territorial basis of the activities and the logic of work in the territory, which are differentiates from those in the base unit. The ACE works with different logics of activity: there is not a standardized set of orders; a segmented view prevails, by default.

As well as the different base unit, ACSs cover their micro areas as a function of streets, and the ACEs work based on street blocks.

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In Morros Avida, the teams are in a period of adaptation, in an attempt to standardize the way of covering the territory 14 Fraga LS, Monteiro S. Saude Soc ; 23 3 The incompatibility of working hours is also highlighted in the DCSs as a factor tending to make integration more difficult — reflecting different contexts in executing activities such as participating in meetings, household visits, productivity targets.

They feel an absence of spaces for dialog in which to exchange experiences on the question of how to proceed, to reduce their uncertainties, and doubts, and decide and determine the details of the work process in dengue control action. The lack of this integration can produce negative consequences for the links between the teams and the users, or even personally harm the professional that is involved.

It can interfere in their productivity, as per this statement In Brazil, it has become a major challenge to public health, with nine million probable cases and more than , hospitalizations over the period — 15 In the absence of technologies that permit an effective control of the disease, integrated activities carried out by the ESF, the vigilance system and health education are of extreme importance in its prevention.

In this aspect, the few DCSs of the professionals researched on the integrated actions for the control of dengue with the implementation of the Ministerial Order 6 6.

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Assessoria de Planejamento. This process of implementation of the Ministerial Order 6 6. It was these decided to present the proposal for incorporation of the ACE into the ESF, through meetings with the representatives of the Health District, directors, supervisors and Family Health teams. The representatives of the District had the responsibility for making the ACEs and ACSs aware and sensitive to the issues and preparing the instruments for monitoring the process.

The final stage involved preparation and discussion of the protocols, decision on the flows of activity and the papers of each party involved, including doctors and nurses, as well as implementation, monitoring and evaluation, through information instruments, under the coordination of the technical group formed at the beginning of the incorporation process. This final stage generated confusion in the functions and conflicts in the attributions of the participating professionals on their integration into the actions for prevention and control of dengue.

The work of the two categories of professionals, in the process of incorporation of the ACE into the ESF, should be synergic. According to Mendes 4 4. This author warns, however, that, in practice, this has not yet become consolidated in Brazil and states that there are few initiatives for monitoring and systematic evaluation of its effects in a major part of the country. According to Hartz and Contandriopoulos 5 5. Rational analysis in a problematic world. London: Wiley, a. SODA: journey making and mapping in practice. Rational analysis in a problematic world revisited.

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Graph theory and geography: an interactive view. Chichester: Wiley, BELL, R. Senado Federal. Defesa Civil. Acesso em: 5 jun.

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Plano de Contingências para Emergências e Epidemias em Moçambique

Cognitive mapping and strategic options development and analysis SODA. Improving emergency responsiveness with management science. Management Science, v.