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Schmidt, K. Voles competing with mice: differentiating exploitative, interference and apparent competition using patch use theory. Halle, S. Effect of extrinsic factors on activity of root voles, Microtus oeconomus. Barker, D. Brief light as a practical aversive stimulus for the albino rat. Brain Res. Lockard, R. Some effects of light upon the behavior of rodents. Bourin, M. Animal models of anxiety in mice.

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Trullas, R. Differences in fear motivated behaviors among inbred mouse strains. Psychopharmacology , — Campbell, B. Aversion thresholds and aversion difference limens for white light in albino and hooded rats. Sousa, N. Genes Brain Behav. Ryan, M. Sexual selection, receiver biases, and the evolution of sex differences. Ducret, V.

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Sex-specific allelic transmission bias suggests sexual conflict at MC1R. Sex-dependent selection on an autosomal melanic female ornament promotes the evolution of sex ratio bias. Romano, A. Climate-driven convergent evolution of plumage colour in a cosmopolitan bird. Effect of the MC1R gene on sexual dimorphism in melanin-based colorations. Dreiss, A.

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Altwegg, R. Age-specific fitness components and their temporal variation in the barn owl. Pair complementarity influences reproductive output in the polymorphic black sparrowhawk Accipiter melanoleucus. Brommer, J. Dissecting direct and indirect parental effects on reproduction in a wild bird of prey: dad affects when but not how much. Galeotti, P. Colour polymorphism in birds: causes and functions. Orlowski, J. Night vision in barn owls: visual acuity and contrast sensitivity under dark adaptation.

Female- and male-specific signals of quality in the barn owl. Garriga, J.

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Expectation-maximization binary clustering for behavioural annotation. Chakraborti, S. Verification of the Rayleigh scattering cross section. Evaluating potential spectral impacts of various artificial lights on melatonin suppression, photosynthesis, and star visibility. Foster, R. Human responses to the geophysical daily, annual and lunar cycles. Bates, D. Fitting linear mixed-effects models using lme4.

Circulating testosterone and feather-gene expression of receptors and metabolic enzymes in relation to melanin-based colouration in the barn owl. Linkage disequilibrium between a melanin-based colour polymorphism and tail length in the barn owl. Almasi, B. Signalling value of maternal and paternal melanism in the barn owl: implication for the resolution of the lek paradox.

Double brooding and offspring desertion in the barn owl Tyto alba. Quinn, G.

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Press, Grueber, C. Multimodel inference in ecology and evolution: challenges and solutions.


Download references. We thank P. Buser for his guidance and help in housing the voles in the animal facilities, I. Dufresnes for her help with the long-term barn owl database and for providing the picture in Fig. Guillemin for helping prepare the data on adult food provisioning, P.

Christe for giving us access to the Longworth live traps, K. Safi for helping us with the analysis of the GPS data and the people that have been involved in monitoring our barn-owl population over the last 20 years. We thank L. Keller, B. Delhaye for providing comments on early versions of the manuscript.

We acknowledge funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation, ref. Correspondence to Luis M. San-Jose or Alexandre Roulin. Reprints and Permissions. Differential fitness effects of moonlight on plumage colour morphs in barn owls. Nat Ecol Evol 3, — doi Download citation. She's certain that you are the only one who can help her crew.

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Seems to think it would be dangerous to send anyone else. Do you know why that might be? But it's been over since her assignment began on the Orange Dawn. You know I'm well qualified. If the ship and crew really have survived I'll bring them back. Please sir. Jonas soon tracked down the stricken ship's engine trail. The Admiral had given him use of the fleet's fastest ship, but the journey still took weeks, as he retraced the Seraphine's route in deep space.

He had little to do but wait, and hope. He tried not to think about Julia. He had tried so hard to let go of her.