Memoirs of Napoleon — Volume 14

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Davies, Huw J. Dwyer, Philip G. Dziewanowski, Lieutenant M.

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Dwyer, Philip, Napoleon and Europe eds. Forrest, Alan and Wilson, Peter H. I History of the War in the Peninsula under Napoleon 2 vols. Handel, Michael, Leaders and Intelligence ed. New York With Napoleon in Russia 2 vols. Quebec Herold, C. Howard, J.

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Jennings, Louis J. Johnston, R. Jomard, E. New York ed. Lentz, Thierry et al. On receiving this intelligence I imagined, I know not why, that this young Saxon was La Sahla, and that he had probably intended to blow up Napoleon and even the Legislative Body; but I have since ascertained that I was under a mistake as to his intentions.

My knowledge of La Sahla's candour induces me to believe the truth of his declarations to the police; and if there be any inaccuracies in the report of these declarations I do not hesitate to attribute them to the police itself, of which Fouche was the head at the period in question. It is the latter part of the report which induced me to observe above, that if there were any inaccuracies in the statement they were more likely to proceed from Fouche's police than the false representations of young La Sahla.

It is difficult to give credit without proof to such accusations.

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However, I decide nothing; but I consider it my duty to express doubts of the truth of these charges brought against the two Prussian ministers, of whom the Prince of Wittgenstein, a man of undoubted honour, has always spoken to me in the best of terms. There is nothing to prove that La Sahla returned to France the second time with the same intentions as before. This project, however, is a mystery to me, and his detonating powder gives rise to many conjectures. From that period I was constantly occupied in contending against the persecutions and denunciations which he racked his imagination to invent.

I cannot help attributing to those persecutions the Emperor's coolness towards me on my arrival in Paris.

But as Davoust's calumnies were devoid of proof, he resorted to a scheme by which a certain appearance of probability might supply the place of truth. Bouvier, an emigrant, and one of the hostages of Louis XVI. I had never had any connection on matters of business, with either of these individuals, for whom I entertained the most sincere attachment. They, like myself, were not in the good graces of Marshal Davoust, who could not pardon the one for his incontestable superiority of talent, and the other for his blunt honesty. On the receipt of M. Bouvier's letter I carried it to the Due de Rovigo, whose situation made him perfectly aware of the intrigues which had been carried on against me since I had left Hamburg by one whose ambition aspired to the Viceroyalty of Poland.

On that, as on many other similar occasions, the Duc de Rovigo advocated my cause with Napoleon. We agreed that it would be best to await the arrival of the letter which M. Bouvier had announced. Three weeks elapsed, and the letter did not appear. The Duc de Rovigo, therefore, told me that I must have been misinformed. However, I was certain that M. Bouvier would not have sent me the information on slight grounds, and I therefore supposed that the project had only been delayed. I was not wrong in my conjecture, for at length the letter arrived. To what a depth of infamy men can descend!

His epistle was a miracle of impudence. After relating some extraordinary transactions which he said had taken place between us, and which all bore the stamp of falsehood, he requested me to send him by return of post the sum of 60, francs on account of what I had promised him for some business he executed in England by the direction of M.