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I got to do what I have to do because I can do this no more Find something or some one else to occupy your time because I can do this no more. Looking for a acoustic I think song with a music video in sepia where a depressed man walks through the streets and takes an ice cream from a little girl and throws it on the floor. Sorry a bit vague, but it's a banger. Hey There, I'm looking for this rap where the past of a boy and a girl is shown, They like blend a toy Lamborghini in a blender, Make a drink out of it. Name it like "Hood Drink" or something Sell it, Get famous.

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Pretty good song actually. There's a song that I'm looking for, but I can't remember the full lyrics. The chorus says something to the effect of "your love is sweet like honey and just as sunny" A lady sings the first verse, a gentleman sings the second verse. I'm almost positive that it's more of an indie track, but it's not "I've got a thang 4 ya".

Hey, this is pretty brief but this song is stuck in my head which goes 'come babe let me get to know ya, get to know ya , get to aaahh' If anyone has any ideas that would be great x. I'm looking for a song that sounds like the background voice on Drake's - my side care package album. Music video had blue sky and a ship. The vid had got 7 million views as far as i remember.

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I am looking for a song with the lyrics :"got a new school but it don't think its good its a school through visits a school thought break it down break it down lyrics im gonna get a no one". Or something like that. The fall part is prolonged and has beautiful vocals. Not sure if the lyrics are correct.

They play it at my job and i literally love it. Been stuck in my head for days! Im lookin for a hiphop song which goes like. I love the way you smile dont put no make up on it. Please i have been looking for a rap song for about 6 years now, the chorus goes like this..

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Shawty if you need someone just call dont hesitate dont hesitate. Hi people i'm looking for the song with these lyrics, ngumntanako lona ungaphik'u mntanako,ufana nawe ufana nawe kanjani. And the artist's name. Does someone know this song " We get the world. World x2 rock music Why they are awaited? I listened this song a long time back, it was in a dragon ball z music video. Freaking HELP. Let's go back to where we started when weren't getting in our own way".

I'm looking for a song with the following lyrics that has a country twang to it, with a techno beat: "I don't know when I was born, I don't know when I'm gone die, all I know is my first name and you're the reason I'm alive! Hi guys I need assistance finding a song with these lyrics below: It's raining in the city I have no where to go to I have no one to talk to Except the voice on the radio Thank you in advance.

I kinda need to find a song that's lyrics are "we both fell in love failing to-" I been looking for this song for a week now. Looking for a 80's song. It's quite epic in it's sound. Starts out with a few women singing Something like "Mother", "Father" or "Brother". A few times the lyrics "tonight, tonight" or "to go , to go" is also sung. Then comes a solo with a very clear and bright female voice.

Genesis - Since I Lost You (with lyrics)

Followed by a verse sung by a guy. Hello, So i have been searching for this song everwhere. Its in everwood season 4 episode 5 ending song. The song has the following lyrics time to stop play and pretend Took the longest road i could to come to you There is nights that i have dreams What we seem And cant believe you smiled and told me were through I will be the lighthouse for you forever waiting for you dont ever lose your memory and always tell this story. What song has the lyrics maybe i'm. I want to find this song i've listened to when i was 13 the lyrics are " I should have slept last night" there were two singers, a man and a woman, it was an indie country song.

Hi guys, I'm searching for a song, heared it on radio but it was noisy so I couldnt Shazam it. It's newer song, kina pop, all i remembered were lyrics: oh mother mary do you hear me Hey guys I'm looking for a song with this lyrics, if you wna get down meet me on the dancefloor now Is an rnb song used to be played back in and on metro FM. Hey I'm looking for an old rap song, the rap gets more intense in each verse. I can only remember the parts of the chorus " because I've only gone too long".

I think the lyrics goes like "i'm feeling alright,? Plz help. Looking for song I heard in Sint Maarten with lyrics: "you've got something in your pocket. There's something big in your pocket.

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It's my Gucci wallet in my pocket. That's not you wallet in your pocket". Please help. The song has a woman talking about a dream that she had the night before. It's along these lines I had this weird dream last night, where I was on this train full of guys. Then I was just jamming with all my musician friends. It's been on the australian radio show triple j but I just can't find it from a lyric search! So there is this everwood song that is stuck in my head. Its from season 4 episode 5 at the end. I cant get it out of my head.

Can someone please help.

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Its been stuck in my head for sooo long. I'm looking for a song sung by a lady who basically is saying she may have to hook up with someone to get over her ex. I'm looking for an old school reggae song.. The video is about a guy who gets a guy who gets up every morning to go fishing if my memory serves me.. These Exact lines " i've been down this road a thousand times before, i was lost and i was broke" I know its a long shot cause it seems so cliche.

Like 1 minute in. Many thanks :. Mariella replies No wonder. Most women I know have one such Svengali -style relationship under their belt. My own took up most of my late 20s, so I know what you are feeling. These characters thrive on the taste of power it offers and the distraction from their own insecurities.

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It tends to be more celebrated in bad erotica than it is scrutinised in psychological circles. You are that bit older than most who go through this all too familiar rite of passage. Experiencing such an unhealthy influence when you feel you should have known better makes it particularly devastating. But as these are guys drawn to their sustenance, like moths to cashmere, you were presumably not at your most confident when you encountered him. Your letter talks a lot about him — what he did, what he said, what he wanted — and very little about why you were so supplicant to his dominating, corrosive presence.

Why did you feel you needed his guidance? Working out why he was able to make such a land grab on your lifestyle and tastes, exerting what appeared to be a strong even father-like influence is key, not just to moving on but to healthier future relationships. As a something, heartbreak makes for brutal agony that is swiftly forgotten as our lives zoom on. I am losing my mind! I hate to admit it, but you got me. I have no idea what movie you are talking about.

You have stumped the geek!