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However New Zealand's colder waters are not an ideal sea snake habitat and most will perish as a result of their journey south. Of approximately 62 species known worldwide, four species of sea snake have been observed in our waters thought two occur as only single observations. The yellow-bellied sea-snake is widely distributed across the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans, where it lives a fully aquatic existence. They drink sea water and even give birth to live young at sea. The yellow-bellied sea-snakes grow up to 90 cm long and are distinctly bi-coloured with black above and yellow or brown on below.

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There are at least 62 records of the species in New Zealand, all during the warmer summer season. The first yellow-bellied sea snake was recorded in and it has been found widely around the North Island. It spends substantial time ashore, making use of the cover of mangroves, leaf litter, and holes in trees and the ground for moulting and laying its eggs up to 20!

The species grows up to 1. There are only six known records of this species in New Zealand, first recorded in and later found at Castlepoint, Whangaruru Harobur, Ohope Beach, Northland and the Bay of Plenty.

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Sea snakes cannot breed in New Zealand's cool waters and most of these beautiful creatures that reach Aotearoa will unfortunately die from cold shock. However sea snakes are considered a native species under the Wildlife Act and it is illegal to kill or harass a sea snake, or possess one or any part of one without a permit.

The yellow-lipped sea krait is very poisonous but also very shy. Most importantly, although they are peaceful creatures, the types of sea snake that reach New Zealand represent some of the most venomous snakes in the world. Their venom contains a neurotoxin that can cause death by respiratory and cardiovascular collapse.

Good enough reason to never pick up a live specimen. Admire from a distance and contact someone from the Department of Conservation instead! Auckland War Memorial Museum. NZ Marine Field Guide.

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Gill, B. New Zealand Frogs and Reptiles.

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This is the only venomous snake species in the state of Michigan, which means the Upper Peninsula is void of any venomous snakes. Fun fact : This is the smallest rattlesnake in the U.

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Where you'll find them : Throughout the state in a variety of environments. Fun fact : These snakes got their name by lingering around farm buildings, eating mice and rats. Where you'll find them : The western fox snake is found in woods, fields and dunes in the Upper Peninsula, while the eastern fox snake spends its time in the marshes and wet meadows of the Lower Peninsula. Status : The eastern fox snake is classified as "threatened" and is protected by state law. Fun fact : In the U. P, the western fox snake is referred to as the "pine snake.

Where you'll find them : Southern Lower Peninsula in damp meadows, vacant lots and open woodlands. They rarely bite and are non-venomous. Fun fact : This snake flattens its body when threatened. Where you'll find them : In wetland habitats throughout the Lower Peninsula. Where you'll find them : Throughout the Lower Peninsula and the eastern Upper Peninsula, mostly near bodies of water.

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Status : While not a threatened species, human aggression has eliminated water snakes from many areas, according to the Michigan DNR. Where you'll find them : Southern Lower Peninsula near water. Where you'll find them : Throughout Michigan, in fields and woods.

Snorkeling grandmothers reveal large deadly sea snake population in popular bay

Fun fact : They like to hide beneath objects in trash dumps. Where you'll find them : Throughout Michigan but most common on the state's larger islands, typically living in moist woodlands. They rarely bite but may have slightly poisonous saliva. Where you'll find them : Throughout lower Michigan in grassy areas, though they are rare in the southern Lower Peninsula.

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