Sword-Dancer Saga: two short stories

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I immediately found that refreshing, and it also pointed out a big flaw in lots of my characters at the time; and the characters I always seemed to read about. And what was wrong with getting paid for doing so? Is into old movies and cool retro knickknacks. His studio apartment looks like the blast-site of a Nostalgic and Oddities Bomb. He was a hero I could root for. We do need to see misery. However, we need heroes like Jack just as badly.

This is so true. The Tomb is a wonderful—and, at turns, terrifying—horror novel. However, the next novel in the series, Legacy , is more of a techno-thriller, suspense novel. Further down the line, The Haunted Air delivers itself as a ghost story. How so? No skin off their nose. And this is how The Keep , Reborn , and Reprisal tie in. This is where the series becomes more and more horrific as it goes.

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It will do whatever It needs to obtain its aims. It will use Jack however it needs to, and cares nothing for the pain it inflicts along the way. First, fiction is one of the best vehicles for transmitting ideals and values. Sometimes, it can get heavy-handed, when those ideals become more important than good storytelling.

He uses those elements, instead. And, I love his utilization of point-of-view, which reflects the personalities of all his characters to a T. It has a great search feature too.

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Simplemind Free. This is a simple mind map app that imports easily into its desktop client. The export options are somewhat limited, but I feel that its simplicity keeps you more focused on the task than on making the map pretty. Since it is free, it is not a bad little app to add to your writing app toolbox. Habit Streak Plan Free. I make a note of each day that I perform a certain habit.


For instance, I have a chain for every day that I write, every day I work on the revision of my novel, and even each day that I exercise. This app allows you to do your chains on your android phone and help you build a streak of habits that make you a better writer. What is nice about this app as opposed to using a paper notebook is that it will prompt you to report on your success each day.

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It also allows you to create more than one chain at once. Of all the chain building apps on android, this is the one that I like the best. Baby Name-o-Matic Free. One of the more difficult tasks for me to do when writing is naming my characters. A baby naming app is perfect to help in this case. This app not only will suggest names for you, but it will tell you the meaning of those names.

It has 10, of the most popular baby names in its database. Clockwork Tomato Free. This android app helps to streamline the timing aspects, and being on your phone it makes the timer extremely portable. I can use this app at home or on the go at the coffeehouse. While I personally do not write on my smartphone or have a tablet, the one writing app recommended by my friends that use android tablets is Write.

It has a word count feature which is necessary for Nanowrimo, and a search function for your notes. If you do need a word processor for your Android Tablet, this is the one to check out. Nanoprogress Free. I have covered this app once before in a post, but it is a good one and bears repeating. One of the features of Nanowrimo is the word count graph on the website that helps to motivate you to reach your goals. This is the app that will do it for you. It is a simple, free app for your Android tablet that will help you keep on track at any time of the year. No Wasted Ink welcomes Author Kristina Schram, a doctor of Counseling Psychology who writes novels ranging from fantasy to gothic paranormal romance.

She is a mother of three and an instructor at workshops for aspiring authors in New Hampshire. Hello, fellow book lovers! I read something every day, usually from two or three books at one time. I enjoy photography, playing basketball, and throwing tomahawk and knife. I started writing at a young age, beginning with self-illustrated books about wanting to own a castle. I think every author starts writing because they love reading books and feel the drive to create one themselves.

When I was a teenager I kept a journal filled with awful poems and tidbits about who I was in love with, along with my struggles to figure out how to get them to notice me. Probably in high school when a short story I wrote was published in a statewide literary magazine for student writers, and which received the Scotty Award for excellence in writing.

When you first start writing, it takes a LONG time to complete a book, so to accomplish such a feat really made me feel like I could do this as a career. The Prophecies is the first book of four in The Chronicles of Anaedor series.

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When Lavida Mors is sent away to Portal Manor, a mysterious family estate, she unwittingly stumbles across a secret passage to the fantastical and dangerous world of Anaedor. Her misadventure sparks off a series of frightening events, beginning when the enigmatic Frio kidnaps her and her two friends and delivers them into the hands of a malevolent being determined to destroy Lavida.

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Found guilty for crimes against Anaedor, Lavida and her friends are unfairly imprisoned. To stay alive, Lavida must reveal a secret about herself she has kept hidden her whole life, but in doing so, she could lose everything and everyone dear to her. When I was in graduate school, I was always searching out nature. I grew up in the country, but the university sat smack dab in the middle of a city. Strangely enough, however, in that same city, there was a huge park filled with streams and ravines and rocks and trees. One day, while walking off the beaten path, a strange and rather disturbing thought occurred to me… What if a whole world lived under us and we had no clue they were there, watching and waiting?

So basically, being paranoid is how I came up with the idea of a hidden underground world populated by mythical creatures, which I called Anaedor. I definitely like writing plot-driven books with a lot of mystery, adventure, and drama. At the same time, I love developing unique and realistic characters.

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