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This is just getting too weird!

Those Angels are working their magic! I also see , , , etc. These numbers have appeared on boxes, license plates, house numbers, friends addresses, phone numbers, totals at the grocery store. I had only been asleep a short time!

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This morning I was outside with my granddaughter and she said she wanted to go in! Weird, she never wants to go in! LOL… so we went in and sat in the rocking chair and turned a video on… I noticed that the time on the VCR and cable box was ! I love the little reminders… makes my day go so much better! It seems that the more people we had an opportunity to speak with while writing our book, the more we came to realise that these stories all seem to share common, recurring traits.

Is there a scientifically objective reason why the time prompt phenomenon seems so incredibly common? From a statistical standpoint, it would seem patently obvious that there was some type of connective correlation. But what? And equally as important, why? Throughout the history of human experience, mysterious numbers and strange sequences appear. Even in nature we find numbers, often grouped into sequences and patterns that seem to form an underlying structure to all of reality — both the seen and unseen.

Two of the most stunning examples are the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Spiral, both of which imply a higher order of measurement behind what many of us take for granted, like the proportion of our own bodies, or the layout of petals on a flower. This ratio is found throughout the natural, scientific and man-made worlds as the highest expression of balance, symmetry and aesthetics.

Sacred geometry is the realm of the divine nature of numbers, suggesting that the great churches, temples and megalithic structures and monuments that mark the earth follow a pattern based upon heavenly properties and resonances.


Harmonics and music actually form the foundation of many of the accepted mathematical laws. Even within the field of sacred geometry, the basics of musical theory provide a structure from which the divine and the human find common ground. One such example is the famous Rosslyn Chapel with its remarkable display of sacred geometry and the use of symbol, harmonics and numbers to convey a sense of otherworldliness, and a divine connection.

Rosslyn Chapel is a 15 th century chapel designed by William Sinclair of the St.

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Clair family of Scottish nobles descended from the Norman knights, and some claim, linked to the Knights Templar. Originally known as the Collegiate Chapel of St. Matthew, Rosslyn has gained notoriety from the recent best-selling book and movie The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, which served to further inextricably link it to the legend of the Holy Grail.

Many historians and esotericists even insist the Grail legend itself ends at Rosslyn, where ensconced deep within its walls may lie a secret that only music itself can unlock. Clair Family. In addition, in , mystical symbols carved into the stone ceiling were reportedly discovered which appear to be a musical score hidden in cubes in the ceiling.

The cubes, when combined, formed a series of patterns that resulted in a one-hour musical accompaniment for 13 medieval prayers! Many scholars insist that these musical tones and corresponding patterns on the ceiling cubes are far more than mere coincidence, and that one day we may be able to unlock a medieval secret by repeatedly playing the proper frequencies. While some have attempted, so far the musical mystery remains just that.

Even the Universe itself can be described in both harmonic and mathematical terms. In fact, some scientists and mathematicians believe that our Universe is comprised of six discrete numbers, and that these numbers are so precisely tuned as to suggest the presence of a higher intelligence at work. This is a ratio of the strength of electrical forces holding atoms together, divided by the force of gravity which is 10 to the 37 th power between them.

As Rees states, a short-lived universe would mean that no creatures could ever grow larger than insects, with no time for biological evolution to unfold. Thus, a buggy world indeed. Epsilon — 0.

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This number defines how firmly atomic nuclei bind together and how all of the atoms on Earth were made. The value of epsilon controls the power from the Sun and how stars transmute hydrogen into all the atoms of the periodic table. Carbon and oxygen are common, and gold and uranium are rare, because of what happens in the stars. Were this number 0. Omega refers to the relative importance of gravity and expansion energy in the Universe. According to Rees, a universe with too high of an Omega level would have collapsed long ago; too low, no galaxies would have formed.

The inflationary theory of the Big Bang says omega should be one, but astronomers have yet to measure its exact value. Some scientists point to the finely-tuned initial speed of expansion as a hint of Creative Intelligence. Lambda — the force of cosmic antigravity that was discovered in This is an extremely small number and appears to control the expansion of the Universe; however, it has no effect on scales of less than a billion light years.

The fabric — or texture — of our Universe depends on a number that represents the ratio of two fundamental energies.

If Q were smaller, the Universe would be inert and without structure; if Q were much larger, the Universe would be a violent place where no stars or suns could exist, dominated by giant black holes. Delta — 3 — the number of spatial dimensions in our world. It is about spiritual attunement and metamorphosis. It draws your attention to synchronicity and reminds you of your spiritual origins and the greater cosmic reality out of the 'norm' of this world. Like a momentary mystic meditation, you become a medium between the worlds.

Allow for truth and answers to be revealed. Prayerfully focus on peace, love and unity for all. Frequencies of Light. It is a cosmic transmission of light. See the gateway as a powerful portal of pillars facing up to the higher spiritual realms and God Source, and allowing in a streaming of light codes and frequencies. During take a moment to breathe, go within, drop into your heart, open yourself up. Allow yourself to receive. If you can and no one is looking , actually open up your arms and palms to the angels and higher celestial realms. Become bathed and illuminated in the light.

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In other words, you have come to earth with a specific mission to awaken and help others in some way. But this does not need to be the case with everyone.

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It reminds us of the Prime Creator and inspires you to awaken your individual gifts and talents and become an independent leader. The 1 card in Tarot is the Magician - he is the powerful manipulator of energy.

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It activates yourself as a Creator being. So it sends a message to your subconscious mind to apply your will. Now let's look at the number It is highly spiritual and intuitive, and very connected to the subconscious mind. When you look at , you can see that it is four one's lined up together.