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I blogged through my entire journey as I returned to school to become an RD, even when I was attending school full-time and working part-time. Currently, I watch my three kids full time and also run this blog. What I love most are her tips for using your time efficiently when it comes to food prep — making the most out of the minutes I set aside for prepping healthy foods so I come away with different meals or meal components for the busy week ahead! She has so many great tips, recipe ideas and even a section for how to meal prep if you hate leftovers.

Lindsay is the queen of food prep and her ebook does a fantastic job of making something that can be overwhelming seem easy and doable for everyone. Her simple tips are easy to implement and take the guesswork out of food prep. Her new food prep guide will be helpful to anyone looking to introduce a meal prep routine in order to reduce stress and decrease hands-on cooking time during the week.

How to Meal Plan the Easy Way – The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Meal Planning

It also includes some great food hacks - I had no idea you could hard boil eggs in the oven, or that you could bake green bananas to quickly ripen them up for recipes! The Ultimate Guide to Food Prep. Meal planning means more efficient grocery shopping, less money and food wasted, and fewer dinnertime scrambles. Hopefully, these 12 tips will help you master meal planning and reap the benefits once and for all! Remember, the longer you meal plan, the easier it gets. Have a plan. Work the plan. What are your favorite meal planning strategies?

Share in the comments! Hi, I'm Krystal! I'm a fourth-grade teacher turned homeschooling mom for my two girls, and I'm passionate about educating other women about family finance. I'm also addicted to my planner, Dr. Pepper, and all things color-coded. I write about simplifying family finances in normal mom-speak over on my site Simple Finance Mom.

Before I share my tips, let me give you a bit of background. We hubby and I have 6 children ages 12 to I learned these tricks while the kids were all still at home and have tweaked them through the years. I keep it in sheet protectors in the front of one of my kitchen binders think cookbook on steroids. This does a couple of things for us: helps with making sure we have the little things we somethings forget spices, oil, etc. This normally happens with things we nearly always have.

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Meal Planning

Get the Meal Planners. Share Love this post, mama? Comments Before I share my tips, let me give you a bit of background. Those things have helped me the most while planning our family menus. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. About Contact Privacy Policy Disclosures. Download Your Meal Planning Sheets.

The Ultimate Guide to Calculating Macros - Meal Prep on Fleek™

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Meal Prepping for Beginners: What Is It?

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